Read before applying:

  • Members with more than one designation:  If you hold more than one ABCFP professional designation (e.g. RFT, ATE), then the application for change of status will apply to ALL of your ABCFP professional designations.  If you are applying to only change one of your membership categories, then please contact the registration department before applying.

  • Sponsors:  Members who resign are not eligible to remain a sponsor. You must also PERSONALLY advise the enrolled member(s) you are mentoring that you are no longer eligible to be a sponsor.  Inform the enrolled member(s) that they should seek a new Sponsor immediately and notify the association of the change. If they do not, they will not receive credit for their work experience.  Change of Sponsor forms are available on our website at

  • Non-Practice Declaration:  Read the definition of the practice of professional forestry as defined in the Foresters Act  and be prepared to acknowledge that you are not engaged in the practice of professional forestry in BC.

  • Practice Information:  This section applies if you are working in BC in any capacity, whether in forestry or not.  Prepare the following information before you apply and submit the information when prompted.  Should you have any questions regarding the practice information requested and how your application will be considered, contact the director of professional practice and forest stewardship at  

  • Practice Information

    Task Description
    A description of the tasks that you undertake in your work; a current, accurate and detailed description of the task(s) you are performing.  

    Include either a current job description (adequate provided it identifies the tasks that you do or are responsible for in the completion of your work), OR a list of tasks and descriptions in point form on a separate document signed by your supervisor with your application. 
    Rationale  A written rationale as to why the tasks described in the task description above do not include the practice of professional forestry.

    Include your written rationale with your application. 
    Professional Practice Questionnaire
    The Professional Practice Questionnaire is a tool to assist the user in working through the definition of the practice of professional forestry.  

    Include your completed Professional Practice Questionnaire with your application.  

    Review/Approval Process

    All COS requests must be formally approved by one of the following: Board of Examiners, Registrar and/or Council. 

    COS requests are forwarded for review once a month, generally at the end of the month.  If your request is received after the monthly cut-off, it will be reviewed the following month.  You will receive an email once your request has been reviewed.  This process may take approximately 5-7 weeks.  Requests received in October and November for the new fiscal year are reviewed/approved in December.  

    Please note that your membership status will not change until approval.


    The information in this application is collected by the ABCFP under the authority of the Foresters Act and will be used to assess your application. Should you have any questions, please contact the Manager of Registration at the address below.

    Mail: Association of BC Forest Professionals
              602-1281 West Georgia St
              Vancouver, BC  V6E 3J7
    Phone: 604.331.2329

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