RFT Limited Credential (Competency) Assessments

RFT limited credential (competency) assessments are available for the following programs. To qualify for a limited assessment you must have graduated within the year(s) specified.

  • Graduated from one of the listed programs
    Email the registration department at admissions@abcfp.ca to request the assessment materials. Include the name of your program and graduation year.

  • Program or graduation year not listed
    A limited assessment is not available. You must complete the full RFT credential (competency) assessment.

Institution Program Name Level Graduation Year (s)
Algonquin College Forestry Technician Technician 2009 to 2019
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Renewable Resources - Fish, Wildlife  and Recreation Technology CTAB-accredited; 2004 to 2014
Renewable Resources - Fish, Wildlife  and Recreation Technology 2003
Forestry Technician  Certificate Technician 1999 to 2007
Renewable Resources  - Forestry Diploma Technology 2003 & earlier
Camosun College Environmental Technology Technology 2010
College of New Caledonia Natural Resources & Environmental (formerly Forest Resource) Technology Technology 2003 & earlier
College of the North Atlantic
Forest Resources Technician
Technician 2018
Maritime College of Forest Technology Forest Technology Technology 2010 to 2012
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Forest Technology Technology 2008 to 2013
North Island College
Coastal Forest technology Technology 2022 
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology Natural Resource Technology Technology 2005
Forest Resource Technology Technology 2003 & earlier
Sault College  Fish & Wildlife Technician  Technician  2015
Forestry Technician  Technician   2015 
Selkirk College Forestry Technology Technology 2003 & earlier
Integrated Environmental Planning Technology CTAB-accredited; 2003 to date
Recreation, Fish & Wildlife Technology CTAB-accredited (Bioscience); 2003 to date
Recreation, Fish & Wildlife  Technology 2004 to 2005
Sir Sandford Fleming College or Fleming College Ecosystems Management Technician Technician  2008 to 2012 
Ecosystems Management Technician & Technology Technician (Technology for three-year program) 2010 to 2012
Forestry Technician Technician 2009 to 2013
Environmental Technology Technology 1994 to 1995
Forestry Technician/Technology  Technician (Technology for three-year program)
Vancouver Island University
(formerly Malaspina University College)
Forest Resources Technology Technology 2004 & earlier