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Update June 23, 2017

Business Resolution Presented at Annual General Meeting February 23

Members who attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 23 at 1:45 PM, were asked to discuss and vote on the following:

The business resolution to be presented reads:

  • Whereas the ABCFP have donated to political parties; and
  • Wheareas it has not been demonstrated that donations by the ABCFP are on balance in the public's interest; and
  • Whereas the ABCFP is mandated to act in the public's interest.
  • Be it resolved that the ABCFP make no further donations to political parties.


The subject of this resolution has been the topic of several Letters to the Editor published in BC Forest Professional magazine and council has provided responses. You can read the most recent response on this issue from Chris Stagg, RPF, ABCFP president, (Reply to David A. Smith, RPF(Ret), Re: Advocacy vs. Patronage) on page 8 of the November/December 2016 edition of BC Forest Professional.

The AGM will take place at the Prince George Conference and Civic Centre, 808 Canada Games Way. All members are invited to attend the AGM portion of the conference free of charge and pre-registration is not required. Only registered members, limited license holders, and associate members in good standing may vote at the AGM. Please note that advisory resolutions will be voted on at the Resolutions Session on February 24.


About Resolutions

Resolution sessions are traditional components of our annual conferences and are an excellent opportunity for you to let council know how you feel about issues facing the profession, how you would like council to react to these issues and how you would like the association to be run, among other things.

There are two types of resolutions, Advisory Resolutions and Business Resolutions. When contemplating making a resolution, you must consider the differences between the two types. Each one also has different deadlines. The rules for each type of resolution are spelled out in our bylaws.

Advisory Resolutions

If an Advisory Resolution is carried at the resolution session, it is advisory only and does not bind council or the association. Historically, however, council considers each one. Advisory Resolutions:

  • Are dealt with during the Resolutions Session of the conference.
  • Require one mover and one seconder (both voting members), at least one of whom must speak to the resolution during the session.
  • Must be submitted in writing.
  • Do not require prior written notice to members.

Business Resolutions

If a Business Resolution is carried at an annual general meeting (AGM), it will be sent by ballot to voting members within six months. If it is ratified by members, it becomes binding. Business Resolutions:

  • Are dealt with during the AGM portion of the conference.
  • Require one mover and not less than ten seconders (all of whom must be voting members).
  • Must be submitted in writing at least 35 days before the upcoming AGM. The submission must include the written text of the proposed Business Resolution along with the names, original signatures and registration numbers of the mover and all seconders.
  • Require the association to send written notice to members at least 21 days prior to the AGM.


How These Sessions Work

Resolutions sessions are run according to Robert’s Rules of Order. A quorum of 60 voting members is required. Proxies are not acceptable. Each resolution is read aloud. Movers or seconders are then given an opportunity to speak to the resolution, explain its intent and tell those present why it should be supported. Others who wish to speak for or against the resolution may also come forward at this time. When the debate appears to have closed (or is going around and around in circles) the resolutions chair will “call for the question” which means that a vote will be taken. Only voting members are permitted to vote on resolutions. Council are present to hear all the discussion that takes place and comment if clarification is needed. Voting takes place by a show of hands. Close votes will be counted. The chair shall declare that a resolution has, on a show of hands, been carried or defeated.

Advisory Resolution form

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