If you are no longer practising professional forestry in British Columbia or no longer wish to pursue registration, you may request to resign from the association.

How to Resign

1. Determine your eligibility. Read the:

2. Submit the Change of Status Form*. 

Once your complete request is received, it will be forwarded to the registrar and director of act compliance, the board of examiners, and/or the professional practice committee (PPC) for approval. The review process takes approximately four to six weeks, and in cases where PPC review is required it may take longer. There are no fees for resignation requests.

Property of the Association

If you resign from membership, you must surrender your Certificate of Registration or Special Permit, stamp and seal to the registrar and director of act compliance. These items will be returned to you should you later be reinstated.

Reinstate or Reapply

If you later wish to return to practice, you may be eligible to reinstate to your former membership class and category. If you wait too long, you may be required to reapply anew. For more information, see the Reinstate or Reapply page.

Need More Information?

Contact the registration department.