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Learning Management System (LMS)
Enrolled Member LMS Instructions
Sponsor LMS Instructions

LMS Exam Preparation

Consolidated Resources
Consolidated Resources for Enrolled Members
Consolidated Resources for Sponsors
Orientation Webinars and Videos

Orientation Webinars - learn more about the new registration process and requirements. Newly enrolled members and those considering transition are encouraged to listen.

Interested in participating in an upcoming orientation webinar? Fill out this interest form and we will schedule a webinar once enough people have shown interest.

Orientation Video - learn about how to use the LMS and the requirements for enrolled members and sponsors.
Applicable Policies and Procedures
Articling Procedures
Registration Policy (2016)
Registration Procedures
Practice Diary
Professional Practice Diary
Professional Practice Diary Instructions
Professional Practice Diary Example
Professional Development Plan
Professional Development Plan
Guidance for Developing an Enrolled Member Professional Development Plan
Work History Form
Work History Form (for Learning Management System)

More resources are available on the Forms and Practising in BC pages.